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One's not the loneliest number when you have some hot chocolate on hand! Cozy up, grab a mug for your bomb, and enjoy a lazy evening on your couch watching some Forensic Files (or whatever other show that floats your boat)!!!


If you're anything like us, we bet you can't have just one...and you don't have to!!! 'For every dark night, there's a brighter day'. In honor of my husband's favourite artist and lyrical genius, we are pleased to introduce the most recent addition to our packaging options; the 2Pac.


I have a very difficult time making decisions, so why should I have to struggle? With 4 options, how can I go wrong? Well, I suppose there could be the issue of my kids getting to them before they're well hidden...but otherwise, a box of 4 is the way to go if you hate decisions and want to explore your options!

With a milk chocolate shell and a filling of hot cocoa powder and plety of marshmallows, the Original Milk Chocolate hot chocolate bomb is anything but plain!

Year Round Flavours

Original Milk Chocolate

The Original White Chocolate hot chocolate bomb is simple, yet satisfying. It has a white chocolate shell and is filled with white hot cocoa powder and lots of marshmallows!

Original White Chocolate


Our white chocolate chai latte hot chocolate bomb starts with a white chocolate shell infused with our homemade chai spice blend. It is then filled with chai latte powder and lots of fluffy marshmallows. Look out latte lovers, this bomb is going to blow your well as your tastebuds!

This bomb was born just before Valentine's Day and it was such a big hit we decided to keep it on the menu. With a white chocolate shell filled with cinnamon heart white hot cocoa powder and marshmallows, this one's a real heartwarmer!

Cinnamon Heart White Chocolate

Just because it's not Christmas, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the delicious flavour combination of white chocolate and peppermint. This bomb has a peppermint infused white chocolate shell and is filled with peppermint white hot cocoa powder and marshmallows.

White Chocolate Peppermint



If you need something special that's not on our regular online menu, you've come to the right spot!
We got DaBomb fo' dat!

Wedding Favours


We love weddings! We also recognize that planning them is a lot of work! We want your special day to be an occasion to be remembered and cherished, not just by you, but by all your guests as well. Let us take the work of finding wedding favours off of your to-do list! We can create a hot chocolate bomb to match your wedding colours as well. Honestly? It's your party; we want you to have your happily ever after and we're prepared to help make that happen! Did we mention that we offer awesome deals for bulk orders?


Gender Reveals

With gender reveal parties being all the rage these days, we felt like we needed to get on the gender reveal train too! Since our baby-making days are behind us, why not recreate the pure joy of finding out baby's gender by creating gender reveal hot chocolate bombs for all those moms and dads to be? We love this! It's so exciting! Best part? We don't have to go into labour to experience the joy of bringing a new life into this world!


Corporate Gifts

Your employees are valuable members of your team! Let us help you show them that you appreciate all the hard work that they do! Nothing says 'you matter to us' more than a handcrafted box of specialty hot chocolate bombs! Give them a big thank you, cuz they are DaBomb! Or maybe you want to thank clients for their continued loyalty to you business...we can help with that too! Drop us a message and let us know how we can help you spread the love! We have great pricing for bulk and wholesale orders.


Birthday Party Favours

Birthday parties are so much fun for us...we are like kids in a candy store when it comes to making colourful hot chocolate bombs for kids! No need to spend money on party favours from the dollar store that will ultimately end up in the partygoer's trash bin. Instead, you can gift your party patrons with colourful, hand-crafted and individually packaged birthday bombs!

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